Falling for Floral.

IMG_4885When I think of floral, I usually think of Spring. Not this year. Big floral prints are blooming their way all the way through Fall this year and I’m on the bandwagon trend! Who doesn’t instantly get happier when they put on a beautiful floral printed blouse or blazer? I’m sold! Here I paired a Charles Henry floral printed blouse I got at Madison LA with Hudson jeans and Jeffery Campbell mules. With such a beautiful print, you can lay low on the accessories but I did include 2 varying lengths of gold necklaces to add a little sparkle. This is my take on the Fall trend, what’s yours? Please share below!











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  • frillthrills

    The blouse looks so happy n cheerful! I Love it

  • jlelaj

    Hey, nominated you for the libster award. 🙂
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    2.If you could change one thing about society today what would it be?
    3.What is an inspirational quote that always brightens your day?
    4.Who is your favourite designer?
    5.Who is your fashion muse?
    6.What is your favourite beauty brand?
    7. High end makeup or drugstore?
    8. Who is your favourite Game of Thrones character?
    9. Favourite nail polish colour.
    10. I cant leave the house unless i have __________ on.
    11. What is your favourite snack?

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  • Shauna Swartz

    Love the floral shirt. And those shoes!