ToeSox: A foot revolution

Recently ToeSox sent me 2 samples of their products to try out, so I got out my Manduka, put on these interestingly feeling socks and played around for a bit (of course, Malibu participated too). The purple socks were part of their “casual collection” which went up to the shins in height and felt very much like traditional, cozy socks (except for the individual toe slots). The black socks had mini rubber grips on the soles and reminded me of something I would wear to a Bar class or ballet. Out of the two pairs, the black seemed like something I could wear to a yoga class. I really liked the grip of the soles. Both socks take some getting used to because of the individual toe slots, but there’s a reason they are made this way. ToeSox says…
“ToeSox is a healthy living company that specializes in footwear. We know that spreading your toes is the best thing you can do for your feet. So we designed our toe socks and sandals with five toe pockets (or spaces) to help align mistreated toes and feet naturally. ToeSox toe socks and Five Toe Sandals encourage you to spread your toes which helps strengthen foot muscles and increase blood circulation. Stronger feet improve posture, agility and balance. Get healthy, happy feet in ToeSox – they’re like exercise for your feet™.”
So there you have it. I definitely felt like my toes were more separated after I removed the socks. They felt more open and stretched! Also, I get pretty sweaty during my practice, so it was nice to have something to keep my feet dry so I could easily hold onto my feet during strenuous poses. 🙂 What do you think? Would you wear socks like these during your yoga practice?
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