A recap of my recent travels to Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast.

I’ve been MIA on my blog lately with my outfit posts, but I have a good reason! These last few weeks I was traveling throughout Croatia and Hungary (a post of my travels to Budapest to come next!). If you haven’t been or considered traveling to Croatia, take my word for it and please GO there. The country is beautiful and so eclectic. You have the Dalmatian Coast lined with palms, Speedos and teal-colored water and then inland you have the freshest fruits and vegetables you could ever taste alongside fashion (they LOVE Converse out there), music and art. I hope some of my pictures help to tell the story and captured the true essence of what is Croatia. A beautiful country full of the love of life, food, relaxation, and the Sea. I apologize in advance for the massive roll of photos. There’s just so much to share! Enjoy!
Croatia has the freshest and prettiest flowers!
View from our drive down the coast. Gorgeous!
Jumping into the Adriatic Sea! So fun!!
The Croatian Fire Department was performing some training and we were very close to the action! That’s Jason’s head bobbing in the water.
What’s up Zagreb!
Capturing the perfect shot from the bell tower.
One afternoon on Hvar Island. The water was perfect.
Fried dough with nutella and powdered sugar topping. Mmmm…
Seafood risotto. The sweetest shrimps I have ever had. Freshly caught that day.
On Hvar Island, about a 2 hour ferry ride from the Split Harbor.
An elderly man weaving his fish net. Unaware and unconcerned with the time or the day. Just being in the present and weaving away.
The sunsets (every.single.night) are breathtaking.
Getting artsy.
Zara jeans, Converse shoes, Joie blazer, Celine trio crossbody bag
Old church. So romantic!
The grand, Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia.
We spent a total of $10 at the local farmers market and ate like Kings!
The entrance to an old cemetery in Zagreb. Unbelievably beautiful.
Mini cakes!
A dog and his thoughts. He wanted to enjoy the sunset just as much as anybody else.
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